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Company History

Donovan Commercial Industries, Inc. (DCI) was founded in May of 1996 for the purpose of manufacturing specialty plastic bonded explosives initially to supply the needs of the explosive, metal depth hardening industry.  In a short period of time, due to requests from various Special Forces units of the U.S. Military, DCI expanded into the field of military explosives.

For these customers DCI developed the capability to manufacture plastic explosives to a performance requirement, or to manufacture small quantities to known formulations

Since our inception we have successfully produced over 500,000 pounds of Durasheet flexible explosive for a wide variety of Military, Law Enforcement, and commercial customers.

In the spring of 2005 DCI expanded, once again into the area of large-scale military production. Seeking Qualification to U.S. Military specification 46676(a) for plastic bonded flexible explosives.


DCI has invested heavily in production facilities.  Our expansive 500 acre facility located in Nortonville, Kentucky can handle all classes of non-nuclear energetic material.  This facility has manufacturing, laboratory, storage and range facilities for a wide variety of explosive related operations.

This facility is licensed by the ATF and has been inspected by representatives of the Department of Defense to comply with DoD 5100.76-M, "Physical Security of Sensitive Conventional Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives" and DoD 4145.26-M, "DoD Contractors' Safety Manual for Ammunition and Explosives"